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Dear partners,

The LEADERS Tennis Tournament is covered annually by over 10 credentialed media, including 30 minutes of television coverage are broadcast each year.

LEADERS Tennis Tournament is the perfect place for advertising sports equipment, technics, financial services, travel, food&drink products. The benefits are numerous:

  1. create or support  interest in your products or services
  2. promote your business regionally and nationally
  3. name recognition to a highly desirable, upscale and educated audience
  4. associate your company with popular sport
  5. sell directly your products and services
  6. organize your communication and PR activity during the event.

Imageart Design offers you to take advantage of all advertising and PR opportunities of LEADERS Tennis.

Please e-mail us adv@leaders4sport.eu to discuss your specific needs or fill out this sponsorship form.
Note: All details are available upon request

LEADERS' Tennis Tournament is one of the most interesting, popular and attractive amateur events in Bulgarian sport life.
The tournament is a tradition carried on every year in the late spring by Imageart Design advertising agency. More than 100 amateur tennis players, journalist and guests gather at Dema sport-complex for the event.  The sport community in Bulgaria is well aware of the tradition of this tournament. It easy brings together many executives of big companies, politicians, bankers, businessmen and leading journalists to compete to the First Award “Leader – The Best Tennis Couple”.

The LEADERS’ Tennis Tournament is realized by the kind support of our Gold Sponsor MTEL, our traditional partners BFT and NESCAFE, NIVEA, QBE, VOLKL, CANON, CARLSBERG, BNP PARIBAS, BIOGAME, OVARAS, NIKE.

The LEADERS’ photogallery