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23 June 2012

LEADERS' Football Tournament'12

Allianz took the LEADERS' Cup in the Traditional Football Tournament

The Vice Champion is Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group

The traditional Football Tournament between the business and finance was held under the encouraging cheers of the crowd at Bulgarska Armia Stadium despite the extremely high temperatures. Divided into two groups the teams of Citibank, Entrea Capital, DHL Express, Allianz Bulgaria Holding, Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group and the favourite sports newspeper Tema Sport defended in competitive battle the name of the company they work for. The matches were held under the professional judgement of Georgi Ivanov, Adrian Pertov and the chief referee - Ilonka Dzhaleva.

The final match between Allianz Bulgaria and Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group became a battle between strenght and skills. But Allianz prevailed over Bulstrad in the last minute and took the Champions Cup. Although giving their best, Bulstrad became vice champions.

During the breaks Shumensko Twist, with lemon and orange taste cooled off, the players and the football fans at the Stadium.

The Champion and the Vice Champion not only won the LEADERS' Football Tournament Cup, but also mountains of the tasty drink.


12 - 13 May, 2012

Tennis LEADERS'12

For the ninth year the LEADERS' Tennis Tournament

gathered together  the  most active players among
famous faces of Bulgaria at Dema Tennis Courts in Sofia.

The owner of Tennis Club "Diplomat" Nikolai Bozhinov and the businessman Stoyan Batov took the first place in men

and the wife and daughter of Bojinov came to the final for women.

 The tournament traditionally was held under the auspices of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation. The official insurer of the sporting event was QBE,
and the Awards from M-Tel.

Media release:

12 May 2012
Standart newspaper - bid to the forthcoming LEADERS' Tournament
photo, sponsors

Nova Tv, Sports News, 19:45 h.
Tv 7, Sports News, 19:00 h.

13 May 2012
Standart newspaper - main and inside page
LEADERS' Tournament, photo, sponsors

BTV, Sports News, 22:00 h.

14 May 2012
Standart newspaper - main and inside page
LEADERS' Tournament, photo, sponsors, awards


Tennis LEADERS'11

14 - 15 May, 2011

The Champion of this years LEADERS 2010 Football Tournament again is UniCredit Bulbank.
The Bankers defended their win after a dramatical match with the business.

The winner of LEADERS Football Tournament 2010 was determinated after disputed penalty kicks in the final match between the teams of UniCredit Bulbank and Sport Depot (11:10). One of the most impressive players Cholakov, UniCredit Bulbank, brought the victory after scoring the tenth penalty kick for his team.

The ten teams were selected in two groups. A Group: Sport Depot, UniCredit Bulbank, Postbank, Armeec and PricewaterhouseCoopers. And B Group: Central Cooperative Bank, Sofia International Securities, Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, DHL and Entrea Capital.
The weather and the sport ricks were insured by Armeec.

The footballers gave everything on the field and were given wings by Red Bull. Two teams from the financial branch Entrea Capital against Bulbank, and two teams from the business branch Sport Depot against DHL had the opportunity to be on the semi-finals.
The final match ended in a draw in the regular time and after the penalty shootouts UniCredit Bulbank won the game. Except the Cup and the traditional bottle of champagne the winner took awards from their opponent on the field Sport Depot.
Julian Milev from Entrea Capital was distinguished as the best goal-keeper in the LEADERS10 Football Tournament, which referees were Ilonka Djaleva, George Ivanov and Plamen Bozhidarov. The team of SIS took the award of Fair-play with no cards. The captain of UniCredit Bulbank - Yordan Cholakov and Nikola Stoyanov from Sport Depot took the awards for Best goal-scorer.
The Tournament, which is part of leaders4sport.eu initiative, was carried out thanks to the sponsors Nivea for men that is what men want, and Devin and Devin Fresh quenched the thirst of the football players.





LEADERS' Tennis Tournament is one of the most interesting, popular and attractive amateur events in Bulgarian sport life.
The tournament is a tradition carried on every year in the late spring by Imageart Design advertising agency. More than 100 amateur tennis players, journalist and guests gather at Dema sport-complex for the event. The sport community in Bulgaria is well aware of the tradition of this tournament. It easy brings together many executives of big companies, politicians, bankers, businessmen and leading journalists to compete to the First Award Leader The Best Tennis Couple.

The LEADERS Tennis Tournament is realized by the kind support of our Gold Sponsor MTEL, our traditional partners BFT and NESCAFE, NIVEA, QBE, VOLKL, CANON, CARLSBERG, BNP PARIBAS, BIOGAME, OVARAS, NIKE.

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